Leonardo Da Vinci and the The Renaissance will be the beating heart of Milano 2018 opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the ISU World Figure Skating Championships® Milano 2018, that will take place on Wednesday March 21st at the Mediolanum Forum (starting at 5.30 pm) and that will precede the pairs short program, will be focused on Leonardo Da Vinci and the historical period of which the famous artist was is considered to be one of the greatest exponents and talents, the Renaissance.

Conceived by the renowned choreographer Corrado Giordani, art director of the event, the ceremony will describe and celebrate the strong bond of Leonardo with the city of Milan and with the Italian culture, through passion, grace, beauty and strength. Characteristics, those mentioned, intrinsic to figure skating and for this reason represented inside the logo of this year’s World Figure Skating Championships, through the decorative motif of the Da Vinci knots.

After the traditional institutional introduction, the first unmissable moment will be the playing of the Italian anthem, with the presence of the Fanfara dell’Aereonautica Militare Italiana in dress uniform and the prestigious choir of the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala di Milano, that consists of 70 treble voices.

Right after it the “Sbandieratori e musici città di Legnano”, with their drum rolls, flags and original costumes will lead the fans into the Renaissance world of Leonardo.

Three will be the key elements at the heart of the fascinating air evolutions of the French acrobatic company “Les Farfadais”, that will amaze the public:

  • The Vitruvian Man, the most famous Leonardo’s drawing, that represents the symbolic union between art and science
  • The snowflake that symbolize nature, whose ingenuity was considered by Leonardo to be superior to human design
  • The flying man, symbol of the union between nature and man, as well as of evolution, change and growth

Furthermore, five characters in period costumes will always be present and will follow the evolutions in an ideal “Renaissance picture” situated on a platform.

The show will end in a festive atmosphere to the strains of the official song of Milano 2018, “Fire on ice” by Bianca Atzei, that will be performed on the rink by the “Hot Shivers”, multiple Italian champions in synchronized skating, and on the stands by the young dancers of the “Teatro Oscar” of Milan.



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