The origin of the Milano 2018 logo

The logo for the Milano 2018 ISU World Figure Skating Championships® is inspired by the so-called Da Vinci knots. Leonardo da Vinci, a key artist for both Milan and Italy, used this very complex decorative motif in many of his paintings. The most famous, a highly intricate weave of branches and leaves, is frescoed on the ceiling of the Sala delle Asse room in Sforza Castle. Many academics have pondered the significance of these decorations, such the double coil of the infinity and victory symbol, going as far as to associate them with power and esoteric meaning.

The loops of the knot also clearly evoke the furrows left on the ice by skates during a spin and the invisible traces of the graceful movements of the athletes as they take to the air during their exercises.

The knot in the circle evokes the world of blue ice on which the competitors skate: it is a fiery red colour, symbolising their passion and determination to win.

Passion, grace, beauty and power are as intrinsic to figure skating as they are to Italian culture and this is why it was felt that these symbols would best symbolise an international event like the Milano 2018 World Championships.

Da Vinci Academy coat of arms Sala delle Asse – Sforza Castle, Milan